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Published 09 Mar 2016 in Blogging, WordPress, ZigCare by ZigPress

It’s been quite a long time in the making but the new ZigPress website is finally live. We hope you like it. Our goals in this redesign were easy navigation and a simple smart look, with content given prominence over design.

It still features the ZigPress Blog and our free plugins, and now we are pleased to offer a new service called ZigCare.

All WordPress sites need ongoing maintenance after they are built, to keep their components up to date and secure, and if you’re not a developer it can be quite a daunting prospect. ZigCare takes care of everything.

ZigCare puts an expert in charge of the ongoing maintenance of your site, taking care of backups, security, updates and general technical support, and leaving you to get on with running your business.

Find out more now on the ZigCare page!

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