ZigCare Website Care Plan

Using WordPress to create a website has many advantages, but with the benefits come some responsibilities in the form of ongoing maintenance to keep the site running reliably and securely. This maintenance needs technical knowledge and is often neglected, risking expensive disruption to your business.

The solution is ZigCare

Remote Backups
Site Security
Software Updates
Technical Support

ZigCare puts an expert in charge of the maintenance of your WordPress website, taking care of backups, security, updates and technical support and leaving you more time to create great content. It’s an insurance policy and warranty for your website, all rolled into one. We’ve been working with WordPress since 2007 so you’re in good hands.

List of Benefits

ZigCare standard features
Remote database backups   Daily (1 month retained)
Remote file backups   Weekly (1 month retained)
Site inspection   Weekly
WordPress core updates   Weekly
Plugin updates   Weekly
Theme updates (if commercial theme)   Weekly
Uptime monitoring   Every 5 minutes
Security monitoring   Constant
Security scan   Weekly
Site repair   $450 $150
Database optimisation   On sign-up
Technical review with recommendations   On sign-up
Technical support   60 minutes per month
General technical advice   Proactive and on request

Cost Calculator

For a basic WordPress site
$ 150
If you are not using a ZigPress-made theme
+ $ 30
If you are using plugins made especially for the site
+ $ 30
If your site uses WooCommerce, EDD or a similar plugin
+ $ 30
Total price per month
Invoiced quarterly*

To start the ball rolling, simply complete the form below (with absolutely no obligation). We’ll contact you to check a few things, then if you’d like to go ahead, we’ll invoice for the first quarter* and your cover starts as soon as this is paid.

* If you pay yearly in advance, there’s a discount.

ZigCare Enquiry

Before we can accept you for ZigCare, we need to take a quick look at your site’s admin area, so that we can see what state the site is currently in. When we contact you we’ll ask for a temporary admin login to do this.

There’s no contract or repeating subscription. Near the end of each quarter we’ll send an invoice for the next quarter’s payment. You may discontinue at any time, though we do not offer refunds.

Payments are via bank transfer. We work in USD but can also bill in EUR and GBP with local bank details for all these currencies.

Important! ZigCare is only for self-hosted WordPress sites. We don’t offer ZigCare for sites managed at wordpress.com, and we don’t offer ZigCare for any other CMS.

If your site is running ClassicPress, we’ll migrate it safely back to WordPress for you, to eliminate all the plugin compatibility problems associated with ClassicPress.