ZigCare Website Care Plans

All WordPress and ClassicPress websites need ongoing maintenance after they are built, to keep their components up to date and secure, and if you’re not a developer it can be quite a daunting prospect. A ZigCare website care plan takes care of everything.

ZigCare puts an expert in charge of the maintenance of your site, taking care of backups, security, updates and technical support, and leaving you to get on with running your business. Think of it as an insurance policy and warranty for your website, all rolled into one.

Our plans are shown below. If you’re not sure which one is right for your site, you should probably choose the professional plan. We’ve been working with WordPress for over 12 years so you’re in good hands.

$ 80
Per month
Payable quarterly
$ 120
Per month
Payable quarterly
$ 160
Per month
Payable quarterly
Database backup
We backup your site's database to a remote location.
Site backup
We backup your site's files to a remote location.
Site inspection
We load a number of pages of your site (both public and admin pages) to check all is OK.
WordPress Core updates
We update your WordPress installation when a new version is available, and check that everything still works fine.
WordPress plugin updates
We update plugins when new versions are available, and check that everything still works fine.
Security monitoring
We use a security plugin to alert us of any hacking attempts.
Security scan
We use a security plugin to scan the entire site for malicious code (hacks).
Site repair
If the worst happens and your site is hacked, we'll repair it.
$200 $90 *
WordPress theme updates
If your theme is an off-the-shelf one, we update it when updates become available, and check that everything still works fine.
Database optimisation
We use a plugin to check your database and clear out unused data.
Uptime monitoring
We use a professional uptime monitoring service to alert us if your site stops working.
Media library optimisation
We'll make your site control the size of the media that is uploaded to it, to keep your usage of your hosting space under control.
E-Commerce allowed
Sites using e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce are more complex to maintain.
Multisite allowed
WordPress Multisite sites are more complex to maintain.
Ask for a quote
Tech support time
Time for any specific maintenance that may be needed.
30 mins/month
60 mins/month
90 mins/month

Before we can accept you on a ZigCare website care plan, we need to take a quick look at your site, including the admin area, so that we can see what plugins are installed and what state the site is currently in. Occasionally a small amount of billable work may be required before a site is ready for ZigCare.

This is why the secure ZigCare enquiry form asks for an administrator login but does not demand payment up front. Once your site is approved for ZigCare, we’ll invoice you and start your subscription. At that stage we’ll also ask you for an FTP login to your hosting space.

Please note that ZigCare is only available for independently-hosted WordPress sites, not sites managed at wordpress.com.

* Our normal (non-ZigCare) price for repairing a hacked site is $200.