Free plugins developed by ZigPress

ZigPress has created a number of WordPress plugins that are available free from the WordPress plugin repository. We do not offer support for these plugins but hope you find them useful. More information is available by clicking a plugin name below.

All our plugins are compatible with ClassicPress as well as WordPress.

  • Allows you to link post types (including custom post types) and posts to each other and attach data directly to the links.

  • ZigCookie allows your site to meet its legal obligations in the EU by displaying a notice alerting visitors that cookies are used.

  • Provides an editable panel on the WordPress admin dashboard page for storing useful notes about the site.

  • A simple .htaccess file editor that lets you edit your .htaccess file within WordPress admin and makes a backup each time you save changes.

  • ZigPluginSafe allows the administrator who installs and first activates it to prevent other users (even administrators) from editing, deactivating or deleting plugins.

  • Helps trap spam by refusing to store blog comments that have been submitted by spam robots.

  • Displays recent tweets in a widget, with built-in caching of results from Twitter to avoid exceeding API limits.

  • Lets you add a unique CSS class to each widget on a site. Plays nicely with Widget Logic, Widget Context and WP Page Widgets plugins.