WiFi-enabled meeting places in Malta

Published 26 Jul 2010 in Clients, Malta, Opinion by ZigPress

Free Wi-Fi in MaltaBeing so built-up and packed to the rafters with IT companies, it’s hardly surprising that Malta has a good selection of free Wi-Fi hotspots. You can easily connect at the airport, at any MacDonalds restaurant, and in one or two public piazzas in Valletta, for instance.

However, if you need to meet clients in a venue that is conducive to working without distractions, and especially if you work from home yourself, or are just visiting Malta on business, the venues below are well worth checking out. All of them serve food and drink, so you’ll need to buy at least a coffee, but most people would want a coffee or other drink in a meeting anyway, so I don’t think that stops me calling them free.

Note: as far as I can tell, none of them have power sockets available to customers, so charge your laptop before you go.

Saracino’s Café

logo.saracinoAttard, next to the village church

My personal favourite. A quiet, friendly café with decent coffee and tables that, although small, are a good height to type at. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Cons: could be tricky to get to depending on where you’re based.

Café Juliani

hotel-julianiSt Julians, in the Hotel Juliani (just up from the police station)

Light, airy café bar on the ground floor of the hotel. Comfy chairs, relaxing surroundings, great coffee.

Cons: chair and table design means your laptop will be on your lap.

Irrera Restaurant

Ta’ Xbiex, on the waterfront (next to the excellent Guzé Restaurant)

Large diner with indoor and outdoor seating (with umbrellas for shade) and an amazing view across Marsamxett harbour to Valletta and Floriana.

Cons: service can be very slow.

Café Deux Baronnes

Valletta, just below the Upper Barrakka Gardens

Basic open air café with stunning views across Valletta’s Grand Harbour. Usually plenty of seats available. Ask a member of staff for a free access code.

Cons: feels quite “cheap and cheerful” which may not be the atmosphere you want.

Café Jubilee (warning: loud website!)

cafejubilee_logoValletta (St Lucia Street) and Gzira (The Strand) in Malta and Victoria (Independence Square) in Gozo

Cozy, “pub” style café/restaurants with fascinating decor. You need to ask a member of staff for a free access code.

Cons: tables close together and can feel claustrophobic.

Please note: I am not affiliated in any way with these venues.


  1. On 28 Jul 2010 at 13:24, Reasoned Rants said:

    Interesting selection. I’m also in Malta and have used the Juliani more than once to catch up on emails while out and about. I also like Irrera – I think the view makes up for the slow service.

  2. On 03 Aug 2010 at 00:59, TessMartin said:

    Thank you for this heads up on WiFi spots. So glad you included the “cons” as well as the “pros”. Views or coffee & quiet. Hmm. Now to choose!

  3. On 09 Aug 2010 at 19:19, GeekFromTheNet said:

    I am going to Malta for a vacation and was googling internet availability, thats how i found your post. Its really interesting post. I like how you laid out both pros and cons. Thanks.

  4. On 10 Aug 2010 at 10:32, steve @ Wiltshire SEO Company said:

    I’ve been to Malta a few times, the first time I didn’t take my laptop, just a Blackberry, then because Wi Fi is so readily available I took it the second time, so ended up working! Think I’ll go somewhere a bit less tech savvy next time I want a break

  5. On 29 Jul 2011 at 03:43, Janelle Bailey said:

    Wi-fi zones are the best! How I wish that there are wi-fi spots always wherever I go. This is very important especially to people who are on the road.

  6. On 23 Sep 2011 at 11:55, Laura @ Nordic Search Ltd said:

    Mint in Sliema (by Surfside) has also free Wi-fi. It is a lovely café, can really recommend!

  7. On 02 Oct 2011 at 12:04, Emil Hunefalk said:

    I’ve been using a couple of places in Sliema for the past week:

    Surfside (Tower street, by the beach): Go down the stairs for a better signal – there’s not a people indoors, but usually packed on their balcony. I haven’t seen anyone else using the wifi though (maybe because you have to ask for the password, but otherwise it’s free)

    Park, St Julians Bay: There’s a free Wifi next to a toilet building (go down to the park from opposite the Remax on Tower street, on the east side of the bay). There’s a large sign saying Free Wifi “Filtered” – and usually a few people using the wifi there. The obvious downside compared to others is that you won’t get any coffee without leaving, but of course if you bring your own there’s nothing you have to buy :)

    Pekki’s bar: Further down Tower street, close to the Barracuda restaurant, there’s a couple of cafe’s/restaurants with free Wifi. There’s very slow service, but you can sit for a long time without being bothered..

  8. On 21 Mar 2012 at 15:29, Malta Property said:

    The best place is in the Corinthia Hotel – nice lounge and cool in the summer …

  9. On 06 Oct 2014 at 23:41, Investorenmagazin24 said:

    Best location is Marina Corinthia