ZP Dashboard Note

This free ClassicPress & WordPress plugin gives you a simple editable panel on the admin dashboard, where you can leave notes for yourself and fellow admins.

URLs will be made clickable and basic HTML is allowed if the user has the ‘unfiltered_html’ capability. The allowed tags are drawn from the WordPress $allowedposttags variable so they are the same as those allowed by the TinyMCE post editor. Script and iFrame tags are not allowed.

All users with access to the dashboard can use the widget.

This is a dual platform plugin (ClassicPress and WordPress) and is a rebuild of our retired WordPress plugin ZigDashNote.

The download link on the right is a direct link to the zip of the current release. To install the plugin, download this zip then go to the admin plugins page, click the ‘Add New’ button, then click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and upload the zip file.

Though this plugin is not in the WordPress plugin repository, future updates will be shown on the admin plugins page when available. The plugin must be active in order to check for updates.

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