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Do you use the Cookie Notice plugin, formerly by dFactory, now taken over by Hu-manity.co? Are you unhappy with the way its recent updates took over your admin screen with a full page ad, and the degradation of its functionality due to its new owners trying to monetise it?

If you try to roll back to an older version, you’ll find that you can’t because the new owners have removed all older versions from the WordPress repository.

Solution: replace it with ZP Cookie Notice.

ZP Cookie Notice is a free and legal fork of Cookie Notice 1.3.2, containing all the core functionality with no intrusive marketing or upselling.

ZP Cookie Notice allows you to easily inform users that your site uses cookies and helps you comply with the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations. And that’s all it does. Even your existing Cookie Notice plugin settings will be preserved.

ZP Cookie Notice will be developed and supported in the following ways:

  • Will always be free (a commercial add-on may be considered in the future but this will NOT affect the free version)
  • Will stick to its core purpose (irrelevant Coronavirus-related features have been stripped out)
  • Will no longer show unnecessary admin notices
  • Will not insist on having a top-level admin menu entry
  • Will be updateable via your site’s plugins page even though it will not be added to the WordPress plugins repository
  • Will be developed and supported for both WordPress and ClassicPress
  • Will be refactored using object-oriented techniques and properly namespaced
  • Will eventually carry a small, unobtrusive marketing message on the settings page (check our other free plugins for how this looks)
  • Will become more customisable (in particular, button colours and cookie name)


  1. On 21 Feb 2021 at 20:12, tiedev said:

    thx guys!

  2. On 01 Mar 2021 at 19:12, Shady? said:

    Kinda shady not adding this to WP repo

  3. On 04 Mar 2021 at 09:09, ZigPress said:

    The WP repo doesn’t allow plugins to be promoted as suitable for ClassicPress as well as WordPress. The reviews and support sections are also full of hate speech and trolls, and we are happy with our decision to remove all our plugins from it last year.

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