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ZigCookie allows your site to meet its legal obligations in the European Union by alerting visitors that cookies are used and informing them that by continuing to use the site, they accept that cookies will be used.

You can choose from different colour schemes for the notice, and it will use the existing default font stack in your theme.

You can also customise the text shown to visitors, and more useful features are in the works.

Any problems? Comment below.

As with all ZigPress plugins, this plugin is fully compatible with ClassicPress.


  1. Hi,

    I installed your plugin yesterday on a friends website, I am helping her with the design part. I tested a few and finally chose zipcookie. I was thinking it would be great to be able to set the colors apart from the recomended schemesmay be just a text field where you can set your background, text and link colors. just to keep the look & feel.


  2. A professional version of this plugin is in the works, which will allow totally custom colours that you can choose using colour palettes.

  3. Yes this plugin is very Important to use If you need EU visitors as many just Ignored you, recently I used zigwidgetclass It helps me to hide certain widgets on mobile devices using custom css. Thanks team ZP

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