There are a number of SEO plugins available for WordPress, and already one (a fork of a WordPress plugin) available for ClassicPress. Why make another?

Without naming names, we’ve found that most WordPress SEO plugins either offer a bewildering array of options, often presented in a less than clear way, or they go to the other extreme and try to automate everything at the expense of flexibility. There needs to be a middle ground offering, and ZP SEO is our answer.

ZP SEO is a lightweight, fast, free plugin to make SEO truly simple. It’s flexible and functional enough to be genuinely useful without swamping you in settings. For example, the settings for custom post type archives don’t appear unless you actually have custom post types with public archives! We’re steadily expanding its functionality but in a way that doesn’t unduly add to a webmaster’s workload (or cognitive load).

ZP SEO is not a fork of any existing plugin.

Right now it is under heavy development and we don’t yet advise using it on a production site. We’ll remove this notice when we feel it’s ready to support a mission-critical site.

ZP SEO works with ClassicPress 1.1 onwards and WordPress 4.9 to 5.7.

Please also note that, because the experimental Pro version features are incorporated in the main plugin, this may get flagged by a security plugin such as WordFence (because the Pro code is encrypted). You can safely ignore any such warnings.

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