ZP Recent Tweets

ZP Recent Tweets is a free ClassicPress and WordPress plugin to fetch tweets from an account and display them in a widget.

It uses the Twitter API v1.1 and stores tweets in a cache. It will read tweets from your database and doesn’t query Twitter.com for every page load to avoid rate limiting. You can set how often you want to update the cache.

NOTE: Saving the widget control panel options clears the tweet cache so you shouldn’t do it too many times per hour.

You can have as many widgets as you want, querying the same or different Twitter accounts.

The plugin applies very simple styling (nothing more than italics, margins and font size), which is easy to override with CSS.

ZP Recent Tweets is a dual-platform (ClassicPress and WordPress) rebuild of our retired WordPress plugin ZigTweets.

The download link on the right is a direct link to the zip of the current release. To install the plugin, download this zip then go to the admin plugins page, click the ‘Add New’ button, then click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and upload the zip file.

Though this plugin is not in the WordPress plugin repository, future updates will be available on the admin plugins page, provided that the plugin is active.

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