ZP Disable Users

This free ClassicPress & WordPress plugin allows administrators to disable user accounts, preventing users from logging in and logging them out if they are already logged in.

You can customise the meta key that the disabled status is stored under in the usermeta table.

You can also decide whether anyone with the “edit_users” capability can disable/enable users, or whether only admins (with the “manage_options” capability) can.

This plugin adds a column to the admin users page showing which users have been disabled.

New Feature!
On the settings page you can enable a "Logout All Users" function which appears on the admin bar. This function, only available to administrators, will log out all users except the one who clicks it. It has an "Are you sure?" confirmation to prevent accidental use.

This is a dual-platform plugin (ClassicPress and WordPress).

The download link on the right is a direct link to the zip of the current release. To install the plugin, download this zip then go to the admin plugins page, click the ‘Add New’ button, then click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and upload the zip file.

Future updates will be shown on the admin plugins page when available. The plugin must be active in order to check for updates.

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