Kate Matthews Theatre & Costume Design

Published 12 Aug 2008 in Clients, Design by ZigPress

This is one reason I’ve been so damn busy recently… www.katematthews.co.uk

I’ve been trying to avoid taking new freelance work on, because I have enough trouble finding the time to service existing clients, but Kate was referred to me in apparently glowing terms last year by an existing client, and I agreed to build her a site at that point.

In the end it was a few more months before things came together, by which time I’d made the decision not to take any new clients. However, I don’t like breaking promises, and her site is now launched.

In truth the project was an absolute dream, because the source material (photos of her designs) was so damned good – all I had to do was make sure I did it justice.

Why not take a look?

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