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Published 26 Aug 2020 in ClassicPress, Plugins by ZigPress

Now that ClassicPress has been in existence for just over two years, the number of plugins created specifically for it is steadily growing.

This is in addition to the vast majority of WordPress plugins that still work perfectly with the ClassicPress platform.

For a while now, the most complete list of plugins developed for Classicpress has been a forum topic on the official ClassicPress forums. ClassicPress have now locked that topic and migrated the list to a Google sheet instead.

Here’s the link: List of plugins developed for ClassicPress (GitHub)

And here’s the Google form for new submissions: Listing request for plugins developed for ClassicPress

So if you’re developing plugins for ClassicPress, this is now the official way to get them “out there”, until such time as a Plugin Directory is built into Classipress core.

You won’t find any ZigPress plugins on that Google sheet. ClassicPress have decided to list only plugins that are hosted on GitHub. GitHub is owned by Microsoft, and we took the decision earlier this year to stop using Microsoft products and services.

But to be honest, inclusion is not an issue for us. Each of our free plugins was developed because we needed it for a project, and we simply make them available because it’s a nice thing to do. It’s not part of our business model. If ClassicPress want them in the directory, they’ll find a way to make that possible.

For now, just head over to our Plugins page and grab some free plugins to enhance your ClassicPress site. We release new ones on a regular basis.

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