A Practical, Quantifiable Take On SEO Marketing

Published 22 Jul 2016 in Marketing, SEO by Alan James

Whatever You Do, Create Useful Content

There is a balance to SEO optimization. SEO shouldn’t be the main focus of your undertaking. The main focus is to sell your product, not stuff so many keywords into a bit of writing that it’s unpleasant to read. Include useful information in your videos, blog posts, articles, and exposition pieces. Product descriptions should likewise be optimized, but again they should not be obnoxious.

Humor And Viral Marketing

The most effective means of internet marketing available to small and large businesses alike today is that which goes viral. Viral marketing can’t always be controlled, but there are certain malleable aspects which can be expanded upon in a way which is quantifiable. For example, sensuality and humor. While it’s true “sex sells”, the audience you’re reaching won’t always be amenable to it. In such scenarios, substituting humor is a great way to obtain the same result, yet reach a larger market. A funny advert rife with SEO technique is virtually poised on the viral diving board.

Why SEO Marketing Is So Popular Today

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Image Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

It’s not only that Search Engine Optimization has proven effective in today’s mobile market. As it turns out, SEO data is revealing trends and markets that were previously hidden from view. One of the greatest examples? The Brony phenomenon. The specific definition of Brony is: “outside the target demographic”. What is the product whose market is not aimed at these individuals? The “My Little Pony” cartoon/toys. These are toys specifically marketed at little girls, but somehow teenage guys (usually of the “sensitive”/”emo” variety) have become an increasingly large quotient of their customers. They are “Bros”, and so the term “Brony” (a combination of “bro” and “pony”) has become common parlance to describe them. Here’s the kicker, though: this “hidden” demographic has become an increasingly large portion of the sales “My Little Pony” toys bring in every year. To maintain the Brony market, and the traditional “little girl” market for which the toys and cartoons were originally designed, marketeers with the producers of this product must study the fringe Brony group.

Hidden Insights

SEO can help reveal insights into what marketing efforts affect what group of customers specifically, and the reason for that is increasing data collected about individual user profiles and circulated to a cavalcade of marketing agencies. You don’t need the information pertaining to every single “click” out there. Those who’ve surfed the net enough to have an identifiable presence represent quite enough data to make a successful projection. For this reason, and reasons of increased Return On Investment (ROI) based on successful SEO campaigns, ways of optimizing content so it is most amenable to a search engine have become increasingly complex, increasingly valuable to customers, and increasingly effective. If you know that a certain character in your My Little Pony line appeals to Bronies more than another character, you can sort of focus your advertising efforts for that marketing niche on the character in question.

Ways To SEO-Optimize Your Business

There are no shortage of web marketing organizations out there. It makes sense to get involved with one and obtain proper metrics for continued outreach. The right statistics can numerically define a path for your business, and save you years of fruitless work. Methods of SEO optimization include keyword emphasis, link balance, strategically-sized paragraphs, subheadings, vocabulary, and subject matter. You’re going to learn this information eventually, one way or another; but you’re not going to spend near as much time reinventing the wheel should you decide to allow established professionals to elucidate you regarding the most effective online marketing methods.


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