Beware of WordPress Community links

If you’re a blogger, particularly one who uses WordPress, you may well have received an email, or a contact form submission, with content very much like this:

You have been chosen by WordPress community to try out our new All in One SEO Pack Pro v2.1. For further information please click on the following link where you can also find the download link

The sender’s email address will be a bunch of random letters at, something like, and the sender name will be “WordPress Community“.

Do not follow the link!

This is nothing to do with WordPress or the All In One SEO Pack plugin, and there is no download link. It looks like some kind of a traffic-building scam, and you may be opening your computer up to a malware attack by visiting the site.

The plugin it refers to does exist*, but is developed and distributed by Semper Fi Web Design. As far as I can see, the domain has nothing to do with Semper Fi.

* However, I have no idea why anyone would pay for an SEO plugin when the free WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is available.


  1. really good post, thank you for the advices, i use Yoast since 3 years and works fine.

  2. This is how successful hackers and spywares can steal our information and hack into our accounts because they can pose exactly like a legitimate one.

  3. Thanks for this article. We received the same email. However, we are just a tad bit smarter than the person who sent this. We have recently switched from the ALL IN ONE SEO to Yoast for our Atlanta IT Service website. Yoast is pretty good.



  4. Thank you for the heads up!! I do use the All-In-One plugin (I heard Yoast can cause trouble with Hostgator). I would be careful with any e-mail with such a suspicious sender address.

  5. WordPress bloggers should be able to identify which is fake and which is real. Better check with WordPress official board.

  6. This needs to be known by all WordPress users as these scammers can totally deceive users. They seem authentic and if you are not that careful you can be trapped by this.

  7. I been blogging for 1 year and it seem that i did not notice it.Lately i am focusing on building a blog about astrology and horoscope and i am still planning it up to now and i am hoping not to encounter this problem in wordpress.

  8. Thanks for advices i am using yoast but didn’t get good result from it. Is that better i use all in one seo plugin ??

  9. Nowadays people are ready to do anything for some cash.SEO companies spam my inbox regulary,so I always check the e-mail adress,and this e-mail adress was looking like it is not real.

  10. Thanks for the warning, I’ll be sure to spread the info to my users.

  11. I actually received that sort of an email recently and as i remember i did click on the link. After reading this article.. I did some random virus checks. Any idea of the consequences and mitigation please?

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