Thinning out your online presence

This article is not WordPress or Mac related, but I think many readers will find it useful.

Over the months and years you’ve probably signed up for a variety of online and social media accounts, and you probably only actively use a handful of them. Want to close down the others? Here’s some help.

Firstly, you need to know what accounts you have. One site that goes a long way towards helping you with that is KnowEm. You can type in the username(s) you usually use to sign up on websites, and it will find the sites where those usernames exist. This will help you in the next step.

Secondly, you need to know how to delete or deactivate the accounts you no longer want. I’ve found two sites that help you do this, Just Delete Me and AccountKiller, and they both pretty much work the same way. You browse them to find the site where you want to remove your account, and they tell you how to do it, often taking you straight to the account deletion page of the site in question.

They also both tell you the difficulty level of getting rid of your account, which makes them useful on another level – if you’re thinking of signing up to a particular website, check these sites first to see whether you’ll be able to remove your account later.


  1. I don’t have any clue that there are sites such as just delete me or account killer. I got two facebook accounts and I wanted to delete the old one. I just deactivated it and waited for a month or two so that I can’t access the said account. Thanks for this post.

  2. What is the reasoning behind deleting these accounts?
    Just so people don’t try to contact you through these pages?

    I’m tempted to delete some of my company’s social media accounts but another part of me thinks I will regret it.

    Thanks for turning my on to KnowEm

  3. Same here Monica, the account is still there. Thanks for the info.

  4. Pff i wanted to delete my facebook account and i found this article really helpfull, since i had to wait 2 months after deleting my account just not to be able to access it anymore.

  5. Thanks a lot for giving link of that site.

  6. Been thinking of doing this on some of my profiles. With a lot of profiles on various sites, i sometimes forget which ones I still have.

  7. This article was very helpful to me, i have so many useless accounts that i wanna delete! Thanx!

  8. I really need these! I have been planning on deleting my profiles on particular sites.

  9. Thank you for this I am going to using delete me.
    There is a site in the UK that you create an account and I can not find the options to delete my account and it comes up on google search it is really annoying. I hope this will help sort that out.

  10. This is really useful, problem is you open a site just to do one thing and then it just hangs there and the profile data is just not how you would express it today.


  11. Thank you! I always mean to close the accounts I created on some promising social media sites that never took off. When I do a search to see how my brand is doing, which is my name, I get annoyed at myself because sure enough one of these forgotten SM accounts will hold a higher SERP than those I want to rank high. One by one doesn’t work, so I really appreciate the resources to get this done at once sitting.

  12. First of all i have to say this is a wonderful and much needed article. i used account killer and found it very useful.

    Keep up the work!! i read it….

    Thanks & Regards
    Kelly Molly

  13. Pff i wanted to delete my facebook account and i found this article really helpfull, since i had to wait 2 months after deleting my account just not to be able to access it anymore.

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