Want to be a web designer?

Every so often I get an email from someone asking about how to get started as a web desiger or web developer. I don’t always have time to reply, and to be honest I’m not a career advice guru anyway.

Here’s a useful website that discusses ways to get into the web design industry from an American perspective.


  1. thanks, very interesting.

  2. I want to become a web designer & ur info is so useful for me. Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Thanks for the share, very kind of you! Angel.

  4. Actually you can be a web designer without costing much money if you have passion to learn things by your own. Here google comes for rescue. You can also download a book for this purposes also. The most important thing you should follow is be regular and practice as much as possible. You can’t be a master over night.

  5. Thanks for the info and sharing. It helped alot 🙂

  6. Web design is pretty simple. Modern, responsive, HTML5, mobile friendly web design is complex. It really just depends on how far you want to take it!

  7. Interesting bit. I don’t know much about american design schools I hope they help students focus on users and ergonomy as a starting point rather than rampant un productive creativity (as fun as it might be!)

    Thanks for that interesting link.

  8. I do agree with Scott. These days anyone can create their own website and publish it on the internet. Once You get into website design it does get kind of addictive. I think the plethora of web design software makes the job easier and the only thing you need is your imagination and creativity.

  9. Just go to Google and type the key words you want to get information on, and everything in-front of you. There are lot of resources how to learn web designing and get proficiency in it. It is easy if you take interest. Best of luck guys.

  10. useful info…
    being a good web designer is not too easy. I believe they need to have a really good sense of design…not just photoshop or illustrator editing skills.

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