I’ve spent the last few evenings migrating the ZigPress site into WordPress, mainly as a way of gaining more experience of WordPress custom theme and plugin building, now that I’m starting to use WordPress for more and more projects.

As part of the exercise I’ve incorporated a web development blog into the site, and have migrated suitable posts from my personal blog (which I will eventually discontinue altogether).

Adding the blog instantly gave me more links, categories, lists, etc. to fit into the layout, and after playing around with some new design ideas I simply decided to refresh the current design a bit – moving a few things around, changing font, improving the big “pencils” image so that it’s page-sensitive, etc.

Besides, when I first launched this site back in early 2008 there were so many plaudits from all around the world about my (now much imitated) navigation menu that I don’t want to bench it just yet…

One Comment

  1. Well… you deserve a whole new bunch of plaudits! It looks great, reads well and is slick to use – what more could you want?!!! I’ll have to make sure I pop by to see what you’re writing here now I’ve found it.