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ZigPress has been designing, developing and supporting websites and web applications since 2005. We’re experts in the WordPress and ClassicPress platforms, PHP/MySQL development, website security, maintenance and performance, SEO, branding and typography, DNS, hosting and more.

Recent Work

We have created many public-facing websites, all of them responsive so they look great on mobile as well as desktop, and all of them updateable by the client.

Every site we build is unique, and we use best coding practices to ensure our sites load quickly and are easily indexed by search engines.

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If it's worth doing...

Our work is expert. In the twenty-one years we’ve been creating websites and applications, we’ve accumulated an enviable body of knowledge about the best ways to solve problems and build solutions.

Our work is bespoke. Every client is unique, and therefore every solution should also be unique. We don’t use off-the-shelf themes or templates, so you will never see another website the same as yours.

Our work is ethical. We believe in hard work, fair pricing, transparency and empathy. We understand that a client relationship is essentially people working as a team towards a shared goal.

Our work is our life. Metaphorically speaking, of course — we all need family and leisure time. But the point is that we love and care deeply about what we do, which means only the best quality work will suffice.

Creative. Professional. Expert.

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