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ZigWeather is a small WordPress plugin that provides a simple multi-widget for your site. It takes weather information from World Weather Online for a location of your choice (anywhere in the world), and displays the information in a widget using HTML and CSS, allowing you to style the widget as you like.

New for version 2: you can place as many widgets as you like, each with a different location.

New for version 2.1: you can now choose to show temperatures in celsius or fahrenheit, and wind speeds in km/h or mph.

ZigWeather is a free ZigPress plugin released under the GNU General Public License version 2. It is provided as-is, without any support or warranty, though if you have a problem, please leave a comment below and we’ll look into it when we can. If you make a donation, we’ll prioritise your request.

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  1. I can’t get the plugin to work. It freezes when it tries to locate my city. I live in a big city. Too bad. Looked fun!

  2. @jenn: I just removed my development version, cleared its options from the database, did a fresh install from wordpress.org, and everything works fine. I searched for various cities (Boston, Baltimore, Vancouver, etc) and it came up with multiple choices each time I pressed the Search button.

    All I can think of is a possible browser issue. If you post which browser you’re using (including version), and give me a couple of city names to try, I’ll check it out.

  3. How do I “place your widget”? I have tried everything to get the widget to show up in my sidebar.php. Yes, it is installed and activated, now what?


  4. Nevermind … I didn’t have my theme I am developing “Widgetized”. Now I see the drag n drop in the admin. How could I call this plugin from my sidebar.php ie. or something like this?

  5. @Scotty: If you have widgetised your theme properly, you don’t need to call anything from any PHP file – just drag and drop on the Widgets page and you’re done. If you’re not sure whether you’ve successfully widgetised your theme, try this article: http://www.themelab.com/2008/04/18/see-how-easy-it-is-to-widgetize-wordpress-themes/

  6. me 2 I can’t get the plugin to work. It freezes when it tries to locate my city. I live in Montreal, I really wanted to work

  7. @Zareh: Searching Montreal works for me… it gives me several cities. Post your browser and version, and WordPress version.

  8. @Andy:
    Thanks for the fast reply, I am using Firefox 3.6.13 and Wordpress 3.0.5 and ZigWeather Version 0.8

  9. @Zareh: that combination works OK for me. All I can think of is that you may have another plugin installed which overrides the standard WordPress jQuery library with a different version. If that’s the case, I’m afraid that’s outside the scope of the support I can give to this plugin at present.
    You do have JavaScript enabled, don’t you? Sometimes it’s something very simple!

  10. I’m hopeless . . how do you get to the settings page?

  11. @Gary: go to WordPress dashboard, click “Settings” on the side menu, and you’ll see ZigWeather near the end of the list. Don’t forget to activate first.

  12. Duh . . easy when you know how. Thanks, Andy

  13. Help! Iwould like this plugin to work however here is the error message

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/drglasba/public_html/modelairplanesoflongbeach/wp-admin/admin-header.php:19) in /home2/drglasba/public_html/modelairplanesoflongbeach/wp-content/plugins/zigweather/zigweather.php on line 256

    I can get in to the Zigweather.php but do not know what to type. or should ki be editing the admin header.php?


  14. @Gary: I can’t reproduce this problem which could be due to server differences or a conflict with another plugin. However I have now released version 0.8.1 which includes changes that may solve it.

  15. city search not working. We are in St. Louis.
    Using Safari Version 5.0.3 (6533.19.4)
    on a mac

  16. also not working with firefox 3.6.13
    the bars just keep rotating… waaa.

  17. Works for me just fine on Firefox 3.6.13. Also did a search for St Louis (again on Firefox) and it found it with no problem.

    ZigPress uses PCs not Macs so I regret I can’t test on the Safari/Mac platform.

  18. Looking for a weather widget that will show wind speed and direction for our radio control club. I don’t see that in the example above nor in the settings you show on this site. Is that a configurable option?

  19. @John: yes, it now lets you show wind speed and direction. Download the latest version from wordpress.com (I need to update the screenshots on this page).

  20. I can’t get it to work either. The bars just keep rotating. Maybe instead of “it works for me” you might find a way to solve it. Apparently there IS a problem with this many users having issues. Too bad. Maybe you could talk to someone better to get help.

  21. @N:
    Firstly, you didn’t pay anything for this plugin so wind your neck back in. And since when was two users out of over 800 “many”?
    Secondly, unless you list every other plugin you are running (including version number), together with your WordPress version, PHP version, browser version and platform, there is no way I can magically use the info in your comment to fix your problem. This is mainly because, although I am a skilled developer, I am not clairvoyant.
    If you’d like to be constructive you could try disabling all your other plugins, see if ZigWeather works, then re-enable each of your other plugins one by one to see which one is causing the conflict.

  22. I can’t get it to return the location. I get this message:

    Error retrieving data via local callback (200)
    URI called was: /blog1/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=zigweather-settings&zigaction=citysearch&where=88001

    I hope you can help. It’s a highly rated plug-in (five stars) and I’d love to have it on my site.

  23. Thanks for your comment Mike. I’ll investigate and post back when I find the problem.

  24. @Mike (and everyone who had problems) – try 0.9.1 which should be available in the next 30 minutes via auto-update.

  25. I have downloaded the plugin yet, was wondering if it can run by a Shortcode so I could place it somewhere other than the sidebar? And if the output is customisable?

  26. Hi Thomas, right now there’s no shortcode option – but I’ll put it on my Todo list for the next version. The output is completely customisable, as I’ve added classes to pretty much every tag it produces.

  27. The weather always shows Malta no matter what I do.

  28. Hi there,
    Most widgets can be duplicated to different sidebars etc. I only see one copy of this widget and once used is no longer available. Is that correct? or am I missing something. Thanks

  29. @karen: yes, ZigWeather is a single widget at present. A multi-widget version is in my long range plans.

  30. I can not seem to get my city configured. When I do the search I get this error message:

    Error retrieving data via local callback (200)
    URI called was: /blog/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=zigweather-settings&zwa=citysearch&where=Omaha%2C+NE&_=1314210893906Start again Any suggestions

  31. I should add – I am using WordPress 3.2.1.

  32. Hi,

    Can’t set the location of the city…

    I am using Google Chrome, and WordPress 3.2.1

    I have disabled all other plugins and it still can’t find the city. I am searching for St Anton, Austria. However I realise this may be a bit obscure so instead I put London, England. I still get the searching bar but no search result returned.


  34. How can I set it to show Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? Thanks!!!

  35. @Katie: you can’t – at least not in the current version. I’ll add a selector in a future version.

  36. Nice little widget. Looking forward to the non metric option. Thanks for all your work on it.

  37. @Katie and @Bob3rd: there is now a celsius/fahrenheit and kmph/mph selector.

  38. I like your work. Can you please tell me how/what to change in order to make the “temperature” line bold, and one font size larger? Thank you, will donate soon.

  39. @Stephen M: the easiest way is to add a line at the end of your theme’s style.css file, something like this:

    .widget_zigweather .zigweather-wrapper .temperature { font-size:14px; font-weight:bold; }

    You can adjust the size as you need.

  40. Is it possible for me to translate the widget?

    Thank you!

  41. ZigWeather is “hard-wired” in English – it does not use language files. I may add a multilingual capability in the future.

  42. Hi,
    so when it says data not found?

  43. i just want to thank you for the great plugin, and tell you that i removed the credit link in the bottom :)

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