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Beware of WordPress Community links

If you’re a blogger, particularly one who uses WordPress, you may well have received an email, or a contact form submission, with content very much like this: You have been chosen by WordPress community to…

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Are you going to WordCamp Europe?

WordCamps are a brilliant idea. Every year, in various locations around the world, WordPress developers, designers and users get together for 2 to 3 days to share knowledge, learn new skills and generally hang out…

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Plugin Review – Dynamic WordPress Form Builder

Let’s face it, forms are one of the most important parts of a website, and yet they’re also one of the things that WordPress really doesn’t do well. Out of the box, the only available…

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Bug in WordPress custom role creation

After some slightly off-topic posts, we’re back to the ins and outs of developing with WordPress. I needed some custom roles, each with a number of custom capabilities, for a plugin I’m creating for a…

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How to centre a Superfish dropdown menu

This is a great little tip I found a while ago which has been sitting in my Wunderlist ever since. I can’t recall where I originally picked it up and so I thought I’d share…

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