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Bug in WordPress custom role creation

After some slightly off-topic posts, we’re back to the ins and outs of developing with WordPress. I needed some custom roles, each with a number of custom capabilities, for a plugin I’m creating for a…

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How to centre a Superfish dropdown menu

This is a great little tip I found a while ago which has been sitting in my Wunderlist ever since. I can’t recall where I originally picked it up and so I thought I’d share…

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Media Library images missing in modal uploader

This is an interesting little WordPress problem, and I don’t think I’ve seen a solution posted elsewhere. On a couple of projects recently, I found that, while creating a custom theme and custom plugins, the…

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Updating the WordPress plugin repository with SVN on Mac

Having recently switched my development platform from Windows to Mac, and being a published WordPress plugin author, I needed to find a Mac-based replacement for the excellent Windows-based TortoiseSVN in order to update my plugins…

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Fields missing from POST in PHP? This could be why

So you have a webpage with a big form, with a large number of input fields, maybe loads of checkboxes or hidden inputs. The form POSTs to a PHP page which processes the data. Except,…

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