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WordPress Widget – Show Tweets

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UPDATED 15 NOVEMBER 2009 – VERSION 2.1 Ever wanted to show your tweets in a widget on your WordPress sidebar (as on this site)? Now… More »

Website Testing Process

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When designing and building websites, any professional will tell you that you should test in as many browsers as possible. In the real world, the… More »

WordPress Plugin – Clean Head

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This is my first publicly-released WordPress plugin (there will be more), and I decided to start with a really simple one – in fact, this… More »

Choosing a JavaScript Framework

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I’m working on a new website (one for me, not a client) and I need it to do some fancy visual things (lightboxing of images… More »

IE7 Non-Standard Event Handlers

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Recently I had a problem where, when using IE7 (a rare occurrence and only ever for testing purposes) an XHTML ‘SELECT’ element would not open… More »