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A fresh look at Internet Explorer support

Google recently declared that their web applications will no longer support Internet Explorer 7, a decision I welcomed publicly on Twitter when the announcement was made. Because Internet Explorer has historically treated web standards with a rather cavalier disdain, supporting its various versions can add significantly to any website’s development… More »


Are you ready for WordPress 3.2?

WordPress 3.2 is due for release at the end of this month, and as with most WordPress “second digit” releases, it includes a large number of changes. Some of these changes are in the requirements it places on your web hosting, potentially affecting all WordPress site owners, so now is… More »


jQuery UI Datepicker in WordPress Admin

If you create your own WordPress plugins or themes, you will probably have found yourself in a situation where you have added a date field to a plugin’s admin page – maybe a date associated with a custom post type, or something like that – and you want to make… More »


Plugins versus the functions file

Sometimes I take on the maintenance of existing WordPress-based websites, and obviously part of my initial work is to assess a site’s performance, stability, extent of customisation, etc. It all boils down to getting to know what I’ve taken on so that I can find the easiest ways to maintain… More »


A New Look for LifeCycle

I’m pleased to reveal the results of my latest project, one that has been in the works since January. I’m involved with the LifeCycle Organisation, a Malta-based charity that raises money for kidney treatments and research by organising extreme international cycling challenges. You may remember I built a new website… More »