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Static Site to WordPress Conversion

One of my clients, for whom I designed and built a static HTML website back in 2008, is starting to need updates to it more frequently, as her career as a theatre set and costume designer progresses. Following my recent emphasis on WordPress-based projects, I decided that a recent set… More »

Let clients use the WordPress Dashboard

In which ZigPress talks about introducing clients to the finer points of managing their sites after launch and handover. Part 1 – It’s Great Although there are a number of ZigPress client projects that use WordPress as a base, this was done mostly for ease of maintenance by ZigPress, not… More »


New Client Site – Chic Physique

Zigpress’s latest project is now live. Head over to www.chicphysique.com to have a look. The client previously had a single-page website which provided a CV and some photos but not much else. Now he can post news articles, add photo galleries, and post fitness-related articles that only his clients can… More »

Featured in ZenPhoto Showcase

I’ve just learned that a recent site I built has been featured in the showcase page of the software I used for part of it. The site is the Betfair Lifecycle Challenge website, a site that I develop and maintain for the Lifecycle Organisation, a Malta-based charity that raises money… More »

2009 Betfair Lifecycle Challenge

I’ve recently completed (well I say completed, it’s live but there’s plenty more to do) a website for a Maltese charitable organisation, the Lifecycle Organisation. Although initially it was a paying freelance project, I spent some time thinking about what the organisation is striving to achieve, before deciding for the… More »