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Include WordPress environment in a plain PHP page

There comes a time for most serious WordPress developers when they are developing a WordPress site but need a separate PHP page which needs to access WordPress variables, functions and classes, but which for some…

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Password-protecting an entire WordPress site

It’s quite a common scenario – you’ve developed a great WordPress site, and you need to show it to your client, but you don’t want the rest of the world (or even worse, a search…

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Valletta 2018 – What are you doing as a webmaster?

As most people in Malta (and maybe even a few others) know, in 2018 Malta’s capital city Valletta will be European Capital of Culture in 2018. I’m sure that many webmasters in Malta are starting…

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ZigPass – a new venture from ZigPress

What with all my consultancy and research work, it’s not often that I get to announce a new product or service from ZigPress… but here we are – a new web application that I hope…

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All About SMTP in WordPress

No matter what I’m doing, whatever site I’m building or managing, on whatever server, it’s always automated emailing that has given me the most hassle over the years. Here’s a cautionary tale about using PHP…

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