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I’ve recently been commissioned to build a full e-commerce site, the first one in a while, and since ZigPress is now primarily a WordPress agency, I’ve done some research on the WordPress-based e-commerce solutions that are available.

It took a while to find “all” the solutions currently available, and so I decided to write this article to help others in my situation. In fact, I’m sure that I still haven’t found every possible solution that’s out there, which is why I put “all” in quotes just then…

Anyway, here’s what I found:

[table id=2 /]

I’ve installed and played with all of them except MarketPress (I managed to find freely-downloadable versions of the other non-free ones using Google and BitTorrent), so most of the comments above are based on my own experiences.

And before you say “illegal downloading?”, all these solutions are GPL-licensed, which means they may be distributed freely, even if the developers make it quite difficult to download without paying. I should also point out that if I decided to use one of the non-free ones, I wouldn’t hesitate to shell out, as it would give me support and updates.

However, I’m leaning towards TheCartPress for my client project, and I think it will provide a robust and flexible online store when combined with some custom theme magic. It is coded very well and hooks into core WordPress functionality, so creating additional features by means of extra plugins and theme tweaks shouldn’t be a problem.

Are there any more?

If you know of (or have developed) another WordPress-based e-commerce solution (whether a plugin or theme), whether free or commercial, please comment below with a URL and I’ll add it to the table :)


  1. Thanks for your effort in searching for all those. I knew WordPress was versatile, but I never thought of using it for an e-commerce site.

  2. What do you mean wordpress e-commece solution? Is that integrating the check out process in a wordpress blog? Is that possible? Thanks

  3. Back when I was trying to set up my e-commerce site using WordPress I tried out most of these plugins as well. Almost all of them had bugs or were too complicated for me to figure out so I eventually gave up. TheCartPress is a new one that I hadn’t seen before, so I’ll try that one next. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. We’re working with an agency on an ecommerce/WP solution and we’ve looked at Shopp so interesting to hear it’s a bit buggy. Given the restrictions of some of the systems I must admit I’m not totally convinced we’re at the stage of having a fully-fledged ecomm tool, but for simpler implementations one of these may well do the job.

  5. Thanks for the reviews of all of these. I am just starting to put together my Wordpress ecommerce site and was wondering which was the best way to go. I think I will give TheCartPress a try and see how it goes.

  6. I’m currently installing a WordPress blog section to my site and, after reading your article, I’ll also incorporate TheCartPress into my site for the export of wines from Alsace to the UK.

  7. Thanks for putting all this together. It surely is very helpful information. At least we now know what works, which is full of bugs and those who have issues. We can now steer clear of all those that are not really worth the money.

  8. Thanks for the layout. TheCartpress looks exactly what I am looking for. I have not being able to find out any other reviews on it yet, but I might try it anyway.

  9. I’d better mention that the free version of Cart66 is now available. I haven’t tried it yet, though obviously I plan to. You can get it at this link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cart66-lite/

  10. Thanks. I’d never thought wordpress could be used for a full commercial site. Looking forward to seeing the final product

  11. Merci beaucoup pour cet article !
    je ne savais pas que l’on pouvait utiliser wp pour du e-commerce!

  12. And I’ve now managed to install and run the latest version of Cart66 Pro (the one you have to pay for). It’s OK, but rather US-centric, and if you want weight-based shipping, you have to use UPS live shipping which means using UPS as your carrier.

  13. thanks for making things a little clearer! I need all the help that I can get on this… thanks

  14. We tried WP e-Commerce and certainly it was a headache. You get what you pay for, and we payed nothing.

  15. great list – i saw some wp based shops and wondered where you could find them. could be good as i am used to wordpress :)

  16. Excellent List. Thanks

  17. Nice post, do you know which shopping carts are best suited for digital products?

  18. @Sim: I wasn’t researching for that purpose – I suggest you do what I did and try a few out.

  19. For e-commerce solutions on web pages i prefer joomla cms. However, your list could be very useful for people which insist on wordpress based pages. I will certainly check some of these to see their actual performance, at least the free ones :)

  20. I also think Joomla have much better solutions for web shops

  21. Here are a list of paypal wordpress plugins: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tags/paypal
    Here’s a product that might be of interest to aff’s – ebay and amazon plugin for WP; seems you can target niches related to your site, not sure if you can banner directly to your own auctions / amazon sales page. Looks sweet but haven’t tried it. http://www.phpbay.com
    Also if people selling own products directly are seeking a quick workaround, I suppose you could link your product images to a non-WP area of the site (if you don’t have WP installed at root) or to another domain.

  22. Good list. Have been thinking about adding some eCommerce to my wordpress page and was unsure if using wordpress or switching to another platform for the eCcommerce section would be better.
    Interested to know how it works out for you.

  23. As it happens I had JUST found TheCartPress before finding this article, and so far I certainly looks like the easiest solution for a WP site that isn’t in need of a massively over-featured “shopping cart system”. When a small business only has a dozen or so products, sometimes it’s easier just to use a simpler solution. (I also just discovered that version 1.0.9 now interfaces with authorize.net.)

    I had actually just installed OpenCart, but after snooping around the (ridiculous) number of pages it generates, in the hopes that I could use my PHP/HTML/CSS prowess to hack the heck out of it, I realized that it would be quite a mountain to climb. Not impossible, but a LOT of work.

    I’m curious what others’ experiences have been with YAK, which was the other simpler-is-better WP plugin I had been looking at.

    Above all, for dev-designers like myself, ease-of-customization is PRIORITY NUMBER 1. I can’t stand bloatware.

  24. I have used the word press e-commerce for a while and I agree that it has a few bugs. I ran into two pretty big ones where I almost lost everything. I am curious enough to try your suggestion once I have time to switch everything over. Anyone have any good experiences with TheCartPress?

  25. I am building a new WP site and have been researching what’s on offer. I don’t mind paying for the right solution (though I’d prefer free or once-off purchase). I will be selling only digital products and would like encrypted links.
    The main reason I’m here though is that I’m looking for a solution that will allow me to set up autoresponders and/or broadcasts to purchasers based on their previous purchases. I don’t mind if this process isn’t automated. I currently use 1shoppingcart to provide this functionality, but am wondering if there is a plug-in that will integrate into my WP site?
    So I’m looking for an e-commerce and CRM integrated solution. Any suggestions?

  26. i have used http://ecwid.com because I needed something easy to setup and decided hosted (are you looking at hosted options?) was easier for the client since it didnt clutter the admin page, just plug in the shortcode on the pages i wanted to have the ‘store’.
    I now have a client that has a lot more inventory and need to code the store into the theme. I would love to hear your thoughts on ecwid compared to the one you chose!

  27. I tested Jigoshop and it seems it is very powerful. Good filter system.

  28. Thanks for the list! It’s really confusing when comes to eCommerce

  29. Have any one tried cart66??

  30. Thanks for the List.

  31. Thanks. What are your thoughts 8 months later?
    Would you have different recommendations for small shops, i.e. max 10 products etc?


  32. Yes I would actually.

    For really small shops, selling just a handful of items, I’d recommend the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart (I found it after writing this post and have used it in an artist’s portfolio website).

    For larger shops, I’d either still go for TheCartPress or Jigoshop – but when the client needs all kinds of discounting and shipping features, I’d actually ditch WordPress altogether and go for Prestashop.

  33. Thanks for your “almost perfect” review. Finally I can see clearly what the different of each e commerce plugins. Nice job ! I think I need to learn more about TCP plugin. Thanks!

  34. I like to know you BEST bet for a real variation cart… One product, different size. Like a bottle of ketchup, 10oz = 3$ 10oz = 5$ 1liter = 25$… and selecting the dropdown will change the price accordingly… no +2$ please.. that sucks !

  35. Thanks for this article, it’s been really helpful as I am just about to do my first e-commerce site on wordpress. :-)

  36. Thank you very much for the insights. Just wondering what your thoughts are on e-commerce what platform you might suggest for web-site purchases feeding into a CRM for later support and marketing follow-up?

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