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This is my first publicly-released WordPress plugin (there will be more), and I decided to start with a really simple one – in fact, this is one that I created a little while ago, to teach myself how to write a plugin from scratch.

By default, WordPress adds three tags to each page’s <head> section, which could present security risks by telling potential hackers certain information about your WordPress installation. These tags are the Manifest tag, the RSD tag and the Generator tag.

This plugin (” ZigPress Clean Head “) simply removes the three offending tags from all pages and posts. It does not store any options, or affect your WordPress installation in any other way. Install it like any other plugin (unzip it in your plugins folder and it will create its own folder).

I’m aware there may be other plugins available that do something similar, and I have no plans to submit this to the WordPress Plugin Directory. I haven’t even bothered to add a readme.txt file because the code is so simple, though I have released the plugin under the GPL. My main aim was to get used to writing well-formed plugin code and taking it through a release process. But if you find it useful, that’s great.

Requirements: WordPress 2.5.0 or newer, PHP 5.0 or newer.

Tested on: WordPress 2.7.1 running on PHP 5.2.9.

Download: zigpress-clean-head.zip (version 1.1)

If ever there is a need to release a new version, this post will be updated.

Problems? Other feedback? Please comment.


  1. Very interesting and impressive. Thank you.

  2. I can now confirm that this plugin works with WordPress 2.8.3.

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